7 Things you’ll Only Find in New York City

New York City is a unique beast of a city. Its metropolitan nature, diversity of cultures and breakneck pace of life make for a truly distinctive place. It’s no surprise that you’ll find and see things here that you won’t anywhere else. Let’s have a look at some of these exceptional sights.


What’s that you say? You have pigeons where you come from? Not like this, you don’t. NYC’s 4 million+ pigeons here are the boldest critters you will ever see – they aren’t going to stop to think before they walk over you, stand in your way or even steal your food, although the silly birds aren’t usually strong enough to make off with a whole slice of pizza.  For some fun pics, have a visit with “Paul, the Pigeon Man”, frequently found in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park, for a good dose of 40 or more of these bold little city dwellers, sitting all over Paul!  Definitely not something you’ll see anywhere else!

Ridiculously inexpensive food

This may come as a bit of a surprise. After all, New York’s known for being so very dang expensive! Here’s the trick: just head over to Chinatown and order their dumplings. Where did you think the phrase, “the most bang for your buck” even comes from? It’s from the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens, where you’ll find 12 homemade dumplings for $4 at The Golden Shopping Mall. Or you could just go to Manhattan’s Chinatown and get several servings of four dumplings for $1.  Not in the mood for Asian food?  How about some plentiful Halal & Middle Eastern Cuisine? Check at the Halal Guys at W53 Street & 6 Avenue, where a piled high plate of absolutely delicious cuisine can be purchased from their street carts for about $8.00 USD!  NYC actually has lots of truly inexpensive, tasty and satisfying places to eat for those traveling on a budget.  Now, how fabulous is that!

Every single kind of pizza in existence

Pizza is pretty much synonymous with the whole New York experience thing. With thousands of local pizza joints, and just as many varieties, there’s a perfect slice to please every palette. Classic New York slices, Neapolitan, thick Sicilian styles, coal oven and wood-fired, artichoke, meat laden, ricotta & mozzarella, vegetable, salad pizza and every kind of pizza imaginable and unimaginable!

Listen to literally hundreds of languages in a single neighborhood

Oh, and we do mean that literally. What else can you expect from a city that has more than 800 languages spoken across all five boroughs? Step in Queens, and you’ll immediately be inundated by the sounds of Italian, Greek, Urdu, Mandarin, Haitian, Croatian, Javanese, Coptic and Swahili over the span of just a few blocks.  When you visit this amazing city you are virtually visiting every country in the world!  Wow!  Just thing of all the airfare your visit to NYC has saved you; you don’t have to travel anywhere else!

Shop at the country’s largest department store

Macy’s Herald Square location is one of the largest in the world, and the largest department store in the United States. With 11 floors and more than 1.2 million square feet of retail space, you’ll be blown away by the space and the shopping selections. In December, can view their famous holiday window displays, and in the spring, their annual Easter flower show.  Helpful hint:  If you’re visiting from out-of-state, visit floor 1 ½ (the balcony).  Present your out-of-town I.D. and receive an 11% discount on pretty much everything except cosmetics!

See a real Broadway show

You want to see an honest to goodness Broadway show? Well, you can only do it in New York City. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a 1000-seat theater that only hosts the best companies in your home town – it is not Broadway. And you’ll be able to tell the difference too, when you see your first Broadway show, whether it’s Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Lion King, Hamilton or any of NY’s spectacular Broadway productions.

Events for every calendar day

Five botanical gardens, 15 major concert halls, 40 Broadway theaters, 131 museums, 380 nonprofit theater companies and 700 art galleries.  We have rock climbing walls, a trapeze school, year-round ice-skating, roller skating, bowling alleys, night clubs, comedy clubs, jazz venues, karaoke lounges, amusement parks, nearby casinos, rooftop lounges, concert halls, horseback riding, kayaking, row-boating, fishing, beaches, participant sports, spectator sports, shopping opportunities galore, and so much more!  The list of things to see and do here is exhausting! – Is it even possible to get bored in NYC?