About Us

You’re probably familiar with some of New York City’s many nicknames. The “Big Apple”, the “City that never sleeps”, “the City so nice they named it twice”, “Gotham”, “Fun City”…all names describing the greatest, most diverse City, in the world! You’re probably less familiar with just how surprisingly spectacular our metropolis truly is!  Undoubtedly, it’s the reason that we ‘locals’ are so proud to call it our home!

Steeped in history, NYC has many fascinating and charming neighborhoods, to explore. It’s wonderful diversity is evident in its population, cuisine, activities, architecture, and more. Surprisingly, the City is also filled with spectacular “green” public spaces and many “secret” hidden gems that are best revealed by locals…like us!

My NY Tours has consistently offered high-quality tours since its inception, in 2012. Our itineraries offer visitors a glimpse into the lesser known and extraordinary side of this amazing City, that we locals adore.  Once you experience this side of NYC for yourself, you too, are certain to fall in love with it!  With so much to explore here, it’s no wonder that NYC is a top destination for visitors from around the world!

Our itineraries showcase many of the City’s most popular and intriguing neighborhoods. During each tour experience, Guests can expect to be ‘wowed’ with shared NYC ‘secrets’, fun facts and guided exploration to many of its hidden gems. Regardless of the tour chosen, each itinerary has been thoughtfully created and organized. Furthermore, each 5-star rated tour experience has been specifically designed to ensure a Guest’s maximum enjoyment, while helping them to get the most out of their NYC visit.