About Us

Rich in history, New York City is made up of charming neighborhoods, fascinating people, and works of art everywhere you look; we’re proud to call it home! With so much happening in the Big Apple, My NY Tours provides opportunities to explore the places and things that make this city so special – like spectacular green spaces and hidden gems.

Created in 2012, we have consistently provided high-quality public and private guided tours to incredible locations, with great food, and wonderful people. New York City’s diversity of cuisine, activities, architecture, and people is why there’s so much to explore. Our itineraries grant visitors access to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, as well as a glimpse into the lesser-known, extraordinary side of this amazing city

During each tour experience, our licensed, local guides provide guests with historical insights, well-kept city secrets, fun facts, and entertainment throughout; you’re sure to be ‘wowed’. Every itinerary has been thoughtfully created and organized; no matter which one you select, you’re guaranteed to have memories to last a lifetime.