Why Choose My NY Tours?

Each of our tour offerings has been thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum enjoyment by our tour Guests. Our family-friendly, positively memorable and delightfully unforgettable experiences are offered at many of NYC’s most sought after tourist sites, and to some lessor-known gems! Our mission centers on creating “WOW” experiences that Guests will be anxious to share.

All experiences are led by highly-experienced, licensed, NYC sightseeing Guides.  Each prideful, City-passionate Guide is excited to share their knowledge and expertise with Guests, providing insightful information about explored destinations, in a professional, fun, engaging, and friendly way.

For a more intimate “private tour” feel at a “public tour” price, each tour experience is generally limited to 16 Guests, or less. A Guest’s ultimate enjoyment of their experience is our top priority, as is their safety and comfort throughout their tour.

Visit us as a Guest…leave as a FRIEND. Please let us share our passion for NYC with you, and help you to experience the heartbeat of New York City, as we “New Yawkas” do!


My NY Tours, LLC BBB Business Review