Statue of Liberty Tour

The Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Are MUST-SEE NYC Icons! 

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Best Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour Highlights Summary:

  • 3-4 hour (approximate) guided, outdoor walking tour
  • All-inclusive visit to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and museums on each island
  • Close-up photo opportunities of the Statue of Liberty from Liberty Island’s grounds
  • See the Statue of Liberty’s original torch on display
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty Museum (included)
  • Visit the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum (included)
  • Visit the American Immigration Wall of Honor
  • Round-trip ferry service from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, with return to Battery Park (at your leisure)
  • Enjoy stunning views of the Manhattan skyline
  • Fun tour with an informative, entertaining and engaging licensed, NY Guide
  • Smaller-sized group tour (Generally, 16 Guests or less)

Tour Overview: 

The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island tour begins from a point just outside of Battery Park, in Lower Manhattan. Lower Manhattan is a very historic part of NYC. In fact, it is from this region that America was born. Your Guide will share the interesting history of how New York got its name and how America became America.

As the tour enters Battery Park, we will pass a historic, round, sandstone structure. This is an old fortification, called Castle Clinton. This round, shell of a building has an interesting history of its own. You’ll learn about its many former functions as the tour makes its way to the security check point for access to the Liberty Island ferry.

What To Expect On Liberty Island:

The Statue of Liberty, sometimes referred to as ‘Lady Liberty‘, is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world!  On this tour, you will be guided around Liberty Island, where you’ll get to see this iconic symbol of hope and freedom, up-close, while learning her intriguing history. Then, visit the Statue of Liberty Museum (included) to further explore the intricate details of how Lady Liberty came to be. Inside the museum, you’ll also see the Statue of Liberty’s original torch (your Guide will explain). Of course, if you’d prefer to head directly to the gift shop or refreshment area, feel free to make that choice.

What To Expect On Ellis Island:

Before boarding a ferry to Ellis Island, the Guide will first reorganize all Guests in a predetermined location. It is of utmost importance that the group remains together.

Ellis Island is an historic landmark with a fascinating history. It was once home to the largest and busiest immigrant inspection depot in the USA!  Between 1892-1954, millions of immigrants came through the doors of Ellis Island. The Guide will provide detailed commentary on what life was like for these immigrants in their quests and struggles to achieve the “American Dream”.  While there, you’ll also see the American Immigrant Wall of Honor, which includes the known names immigrants processed at Ellis. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll locate the name of one of your own ancestors etched upon it!

What To Expect At The Conclusion Of The Tour:

After a comprehensive touring experience on each island, the tour will conclude on Ellis Island. Guests are then free to continue enjoyment of their Ellis Island on their own, by visiting numerous self-guided exhibits located within the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum.  A cafeteria, bookstore and souvenir shop are also located on the island.

Ferries operate throughout the day and will return you to Battery Park, in Lower Manhattan, whenever you are ready to depart Ellis Island. Simply board any NYC-bound ferry for the return trip.

Important Information You Should Know:

Security Check Point Before Boarding The Liberty Island Ferry

All Guests are required to undergo mandatory Security Screening before boarding a ferry to Liberty Island. Carrying weaponry of any kind is strictly prohibited.  Prohibited items will be confiscated, will not be returned and may result in legal jeopardy even if you are licensed to carry them in your own state or country!  For a list of prohibited items visit the Statue City Cruises website, at

After each Guest has undergone airport-style security screening, the Guide will reorganize the group BEFORE the group boards a Liberty Island ferry, together.

Importance Of Staying With Your Guide:

Large crowds, anxious to board ferries to Liberty Island, are not uncommon, year-round. It is imperative that the Guide’s group stays together!  During the tour, NO GUEST SHOULD BOARD ANY FERRY WITHOUT THEIR GUIDE & TOUR GROUP!  Any Guest who DOES NOT follow this crucial instruction risks separation from their tour group and of missing their tour. Should this occur, the Guest will not be entitled to a refund of their tour’s purchase price, either in part or whole. At best, the Guest MAY have the option to reschedule their tour based upon upcoming tour dates and availability, and for a restocking fee of the full fare, Statue City Cruises ferry ticket price.

Tour Location & Additional Information:

Tours depart from Battery Park, in Lower Manhattan. The exact location will be provided upon booking. To view available dates/times for this tour on our events calendar, please click the BOOK NOW button.